Task Sheets and Rubrics

Assignment 2 asks us to develop a task sheet and rubric for an assessment task that we have created. How hard can it be? Well…. I have found myself going around in circles relating the content taught to the assignment task and then relating the assignment task to the standards to develop a rubric. The part that I find most challenging within this course and other is converting the language used in the rubric to child friendly yet, highly academic language. This is definitely something to be improved on in the future. Courtney’s blog, provides suggestions for developing a task sheet as a teacher:

A section provided for the student name, Task name, unit, year level, final result;

  • A description of the task (make sure you name your task);
  • The due dates, including draft submissions;
  • The criteria that will be used to assess (more on this on the next page); and,
  • A description of the process to be used for the task and the conditions and materials to be used. You may want to scaffold this to support students to follow a specific process that will help them produce the evidence.

More information on how to write rubrics can be found here.


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