The benefits of using ICT

As a pre-service teacher there are numerous benefits to using ICT within the classroom. Firstly, not only is it a curriculum requirement but it is a great tool to use for catering with the diversity within the classroom. Each child learns differently and therefore pen and paper may not be the most effective way, however if you use ICT with the inclusion of IPads for touch learning and auditory learning or create interactive tasks on the whiteboard this allows each child to learn using the method that they find easiest. Additionally, the use of ICT prepares children for the real world. Most modern jobs require the use of spreadsheet knowledge and the basic knowledge of how to use a computer. Without the teachings from an early age, the current generation would struggle with finding jobs and completing daily tasks at work and higher education.

Kristy Espig makes a wonderful statement about the need for new all generations to become tech-knowledgeable in her blog. “However as my children grow I feel that they are more receptive to new technology and applications and at times view me as unable to understand what they are doing.”

Her blog can be found at


Concept Map on the reasons for using ICT


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